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StudySection offers Woocommerce 3.x Online Certifications at Foundation and Advanced levels. This woocommerce 3.x Online Certification Exam (Advanced) tests concepts and practical knowledge of Woocommerce 3.x through an online test (test complexity is of Advanced level). Students are expected to have strong hold in the concepts and practical implementation of various topics falling under Woocommerce 3.x to pass this online Certification Exam. This Online Certification Exam is composed of multiple-choice questions. For a question to be answered correctly student has to select every correct choice (because some questions may have one or more correct options). Woocommerce 3.x Online Certification Exam will check the candidate's advanced knowledge of Woocommerce Basics, Plugins for Woocommerce, and Shortcodes. It will also check the expertise of the candidate in Woocommerce Rest API and Woocommerce Functions. The test will contain multiple-choice questions.

Topics to be covered in Woocommerce 3.x Online Certification Exam are the following:

  • Woocommerce Basics
  • Woocommerce Functions
  • Woocommerce Rest API
  • Plugins for Woocommerce
  • Shortcodes

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Test Time - 25 Minutes

Total Questions - 30

Passing Score - 67%

Note - This test has to be completed in a single session. A question may have multiple correct options. You have to mark all the correct options for your answer to be considered correct. You will see checkboxes instead of the radio buttons for the options in case a question has multiple correct options.
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