Ubuntu Operating System Expert Certification Exam (Includes both Foundation and Advanced)

Free Test Attempt, Free Test Record, Paid Certificate.

Earn Both Foundation and Advance certificates for Ubuntu Operating System with this single comprehensive StudySection Certification Exam focused on 2 subjects listed below:

  • Ubuntu Operating System (Advanced)
  • Ubuntu Operating System (Foundation)

The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions of basic as well as the advanced level of Ubuntu Operating System. These questions will check your knowledge and experience in Ubuntu Operating System in-depth. It is absolutely free to appear for this certification exam and you can retry multiple times in case you fail to crack the exam in the first attempt. On passing Ubuntu Operating System Expert Certification Exam, you become eligible to receive the Expert certificate as well as both Ubuntu Operating System Foundation and Ubuntu Operating System Advanced certificates from StudySection by paying a single nominal fee. So you get 3 certificates through a single exam. Passing Ubuntu Operating System Expert Certification Exam certifies that you can work successfully in this subject area.

Start Test

Password must be 6+ characters and contain at least one digit and letter.

Test Time - 40 Minutes

Total Questions - 35

Passing Score - 57%

Note - This test has to be completed in a single session. A question may have multiple correct options. You have to mark all the correct options for your answer to be considered correct. You will see checkboxes instead of the radio buttons for the options in case a question has multiple correct options.
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