Quick Reference Study Notes for Selenium IDE 3.x

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE Introduction:
Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest tool in the Selenium Suite. It is a Firefox add-on that creates tests very quickly through its record-and-playback functionality.

The most impressive aspect of using selenium IDE is that the user is not required to possess any prior programming knowledge. The minimum that the user needs is the little acquaintances with HTML, DOMS, and JavaScript to create numerous test scripts using this tool. Selenium IDE is using Selenese language.
Selenese is the set of selenium commands which are used to test your web application. Tester can test the broken links, the existence of some object on the UI, Ajax functionality, Alerts, window, list options and the lot more using selenese.

Installing the IDE:

1. Launch Firefox and navigate to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/selenium-ide/. Click on Add to Firefox:


2. Wait until Firefox completes the download and then click "Add.":


3. Once install is complete, you will get a confirmation message. Click "OK":


4. Click on the Selenium IDE icon:

5. Selenium IDE will open:


Feature of Selenium IDE:

Menu Bar: The File menu allows you to create, open and save test case and test suite files. The Edit menu allows copy, paste, delete, undo and select all operations for editing the commands in your test case.

Toolbar: The toolbar contains buttons for controlling the execution of your test cases, including a step feature for debugging your test cases:

Test Case Pane: Your script is displayed in the test case pane. It has two tabs, one for displaying the command and their parameters in a readable “table” form.The Source tab displays the test case in the native format in which the file will be stored:


Log/Reference/UI-Element/Rollup Pane: The bottom pane is used for four different functions–Log, Reference, UI-Element, and Rollup–depending on which tab is selected.

Log: When you run your test case, error messages and information messages showing the progress are displayed in this pane automatically, even if you do not first select the Log tab.

Reference: The Reference tab is the default selection whenever you are entering or modifying Selenese commands and parameters in Table mode.

UI-Element and Rollup: Detailed information on these two panes (which cover advanced features) can be found in the UIElement Documentation on the Help menu of Selenium-IDE:


The below table is the list of all supported Selenese Commands:







Manipulate the state of the application.

  • box / Click this link / Select option



Examine the state of the application and store the result in variables.

  • storeTitle



Verify that the state of the application matches expectation.

  • Assert: Aborted on failure

  • Verify: Continues on failure and logs the error

  • WaitFor: Succeed when a condition becomes true. Fail if the condition does not become true.



Sets value of an input field as if typed in



Opens a page using a url



Clicks a link, button checkbox, or radio button



Selects an option from a drop-down using an option locator



Selects a frame within a current window



Verifies an expected page title



Verifies that a specified string appears somewhere on the rendered page



Waits for new page to load



Wait for specified amount of time



Briefly changes the backgroundColor of the specified element



sets a variable with some value to be used with other commands



prints specified message into the log area



simulates user clicking the “refresh” button

Locators in Selenium IDE:

1.ID/Name: Uses ID or Name HTML property to locate elements:

2.Link Text: Finds the first instance of a hyperlink with the specified text:

3.CSS:  Generalized way to select using HTML tags:

4. XPath: If we represent the HTML as an XML Tree, XPath is the path to a specific element node. Easy to implement as long as your page structure does not change:

*NOTE : "This study material is collected from multiple sources to make a quick refresh course available to students."

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