Quick Reference Study Notes for Adobe Captivate 9 (Foundation)

How to Install Adobe Captivate?

These are the following steps to install adobe captivate 10

1. Go to Start > All Programs > Program Installer. Select Adobe Captivate and click Install.

2. It may take up to 20 minutes for the program to install

3. Once it has installed you can start Adobe Captivate from Start > All Programs > Captivate 10



How to create Project in Adobe Captivate 10?

These are the following steps for how to create the new project in adobe captivate 10:

  1. Firstly open the adobe captivate 2017 version. There is a menu bar at the very top like as follows:


2. Click on File (first menu option of menu bar). After clicking on File there is submenu list opens like this.



     3. After that, you have to click on the New Project to select the type of project.If you want a blank project you can select that if you want a responsive project you will choose that. See the following screenshot for that:


For example, you choose Responsive project from there. After that this following screen will open:

You can change the title of the project there and add some style from the properties tab like this :


How to add slides in a project?

You can add different types of slides in the project. For adding slides you have to follow the following steps:


  1. At the top menu bar, there is a +slides option. Click on that for adding a different type of slides as the following screenshot:



After clicking this the following list will open :


If you want to create a quiz in captivate. Click on the question slide as following screenshot:

After that you can select the type of question and set the count for questions in your quiz. This is  the following screenshot for that.


In the above screenshot, I have selected multiple choice question and also set the count that is 5. After that, the 5 multiple choice question will be added to our project.T his the following screenshot question added in a project and how it looks in filmstrip view:

This is how we manipulate with the slides.

Adding objects in adobe captivate:

How to add the text caption in adobe captivate?

For adding text caption you have to click on Text from the top bar and then you have selected the text caption. Text caption automatically will be added in your slide


How to add different shapes in the slide?

For adding different shapes in the slide you have to click on shapes option from top navbar. After that, you can select any type of shape you want to add in the slide. See the following screenshot for that:


For example, we choose the circle and circle is added self in the slide.

How to add a different type of interactions and media in the slide?


We can add any type of image,svg, and interactions like button, click box, drag-drop and learning interactions using Interaction and media option. See the following screenshots for that :




All objects have different identities. They have a unique id. So we can use them as a variable for performing the custom actions.

What is the role of advanced actions in adobe captivate?


Advanced actions are used to perform custom actions on adobe captivate objects. We can hide, show and apply any effect on objects with the custom javascript functions. There are some inbuilt action in adobe captivate. It also supports animated effects.

There is an action tab present on every slide. We can create advanced actions or execute javascript on object.

*NOTE : "This study material is collected from multiple sources to make a quick refresh course available to students."

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