Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Exam - Advanced

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Microsoft PowerPoint skills are important and often required at workplaces and professions. Microsoft Powerpoint Online Certification Exam (Advanced) launched by StudySection judges you to create professional presentations for any audience, including sales conferences, business meetings, or client presentations. There are not many prerequisites to take this Certification Exam, however, you must have experience with Microsoft PowerPoint and its features. This Online Certification Exam (Advanced) from StudySection covers creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting shapes and slides, applying transitions and animations, creating slide content and manage multiple presentations.

Microsoft is a global leader in technology solutions and software development. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program created by Dennis Austin and Robert Gaskins at a software company named Forethought Inc. Microsoft PowerPoint was originally invented to provide visuals for group presentations within business organizations, though it has come to be very widely used in many other communication conditions, both in business and beyond. In modern operations , this programme is used to create a file (presentation) containing a series of pages (slides) which usually have a consistent style and which may contain information imported from other apps or created in PowerPoint including text, bullet lists, tables, drawn shapes, charts, audio clips, images, video clips and animated transitions between slides.

Apart from many other online certifications, Microsoft PowerPoint Free Online Certification from StudySection is a globally recognized professional certification. This exam is best suitable for experts and professionals who have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and its components. This certification exam will be based on an advanced content of the program.  Microsoft PowerPoint Free Online Certification Exam from StudySection may contain some questions which can have two or more correct answers given in the choices. You have to select all the correct choices to make your answer right. After you have passed this exam from StudySection you will get an e-Certificate and a certification badge. This certification gives you an advantage over other professionals in easy selection for the same job profile.

Topics to be covered in Microsoft Powerpoint Online Certification Exam are following:

Note : A Badge will also be issued on the Successful Completion of this Exam.

  • Powerpoint Slide Features
  • Presentation Design
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Presentation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Slideshow Features
  • Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Basics
  • powerpoint views
  • Menus
  • Toolbars
  • Inserting Images
  • Formatting Pictures
  • Presenting Slide Show

Test Time - 20 Minutes

Total Questions - 25

Minimum correct answers required to pass the test - 16

Note - This test has to be completed in a single session. A question may have multiple correct options. You have to mark all the correct options for your answer to be considered correct. You will see checkboxes instead of the radio buttons for the options in case a question has multiple correct options.

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