History of United States of America (C. 1776 -1945) Certification Exam (Foundation)

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StudySection gives you an opportunity to achieve the History of the United States of America (C. 1776-1945) Certification through the Free Online Certification Exam (Foundation) and get a hard copy of the certificate. This online certification exam is designed to assess a candidate's understanding of American history, historical wars, inventions, culture, containment, and the national security state.

There are fifty states, one federal district, and many territories that make up the United States of America. Between Mexico to the south and Canada to the north, there are 48 contiguous states. Alaska, Canada's 49th state, is located west of the country, while Hawaii is a Pacific island. On November 15, 1777, the Articles of Confederation were finalized, with the last state signing on November 20, 1778. They devolved practically all power to the states and gave the federal government very little. In May 1787, a constitutional convention was convened to rewrite the Articles.

The History of United States of America (C. 1776 -1945) Free Online Certification Exam (Foundation) from StudySection is in the format of multiple-choice questions from the basic concepts of this subject. There might be some questions that have more than one right answer, and for your answer to be considered correct, you must select all the correct options. Successfully passing this certification exam from StudySection will make you eligible to get an e-Certificate, and you can also get a certificate in a hard copy format after paying a nominal fee. A certification badge is also provided that you can display on your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others to reflect your expertise. The online History of United States of America (C. 1776 -1945) Certification (Foundation) from StudySection will make your career profile more appealing, hence increasing your chances of landing a good job.

Topics to be covered in the History of United States of America (C. 1776 -1945) Free Online Certification Exam are the following:

  • Introduction & Overview of United States History
  • Reconstruction, the New South, & the Old West: Civil Rights, Jim Crow, Assimilation
  • Industrialization, Urbanization, & Reform: Populism, Progressivism, & Democracy
  • 1870s-1920. Imperialism, Progressivism, & Democracy: Indian Wars, Intervention, & World War I
  • 1930s. The Great Depression & the New Deal
  • 1930s-1940s. World War II: The Lessons of War & History
  • 1940s-1990s. Cold War Era & American Culture: Containment & the National Security State
  • 1900s-1970s. Civil Rights Movements: Pursuing the American Ideal
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