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StudySection offers English Parts of Speech 3 Online Certification Exam (Advanced) for the candidates who want to test their skills in this field of expertise. This challenging exam is best suitable for candidates who have an advanced understanding of English Parts of Speech 3 and want to justify their skills of these phrases. This certification from StudySection is one of the best options available to get certified online and this certification is recognized worldwide. Candidates planning to appear for this exam can opt for it with the ease and comfort of their home or workplaces without disturbing their daily routine.

English parts of speech 3 mainly consist of articles, direct objects, indirect objects, and interjection. A partitive article is a type of article, sometimes viewed as a type of indefinite article, used with a mass noun such as water, to indicate a non-specific quantity of it. Partitive articles are a class of determiners; they are used in French and Italian in addition to definite and indefinite articles. The direct object is a noun phrase denoting a person or a thing that is the recipient of the action of a transitive verb, for example, ‘the dog’ in ‘Jeremy fed the dog’. On the other hand, an indirect object is a noun phrase referring to someone or something that is affected by the action of a transitive verb but is not the primary object. A word used to express emotions is commonly called interjection. It is most often followed by an exclamation mark.

English Parts of Speech 3 Online Certification Exam (Advanced) from StudySection consists of several multiple-choice questions that are on the basis of an in-depth understanding of this field of expertise. Some questions may have more than one correct choice and to make your answer correct, you must select all the right options. After passing English Parts of Speech 3 Online Certification Exam (Advanced) you will get a consolidated e-Certificate and a certification badge that you can use to reflect your abilities on social networking profiles. English Parts of Speech 3 Online Certification (Advanced) from StudySection will make you proficient among the herd.

Topics to be covered in English Parts of Speech - 3 Online Certification Exam are the following:

  • Articles
  • Direct Objects
  • Indirect Objects
  • Objects of the Preposition
  • Predicates
  • Parts of the Sentence, Subjects, Predicates,
  • Preposition of space
  • Preposition of sphere
  • Preposition of time
  • Function Words
  • Interjection

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