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Ever wonder you can check your proficiency in Eclipse 4.x IDE sitting at your home? StudySection offers you an Online Certification Exam to test your expertise of Eclipse 4.x IDE fundamentals to more advanced features and a chance to gain official certification for your CV. Eclipse 4.x IDE Online Certification Exam from StudySection provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge giving students and professionals real-world exercises to appraise their understanding of Eclipse 4.x IDE. This certification from StudySection is recognized worldwide.

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) which is used in computer programming and is the most widely used Java IDE. Eclipse contains an extensible plug-in system and a base workspace for customizing the environment. It is written mostly in Java and its primary use is for developing Java applications, but it may also be used to develop applications in other programming languages via plug-ins, including Ada, ABAP, C, C++, C#, Clojure, etc. Eclipse can also be used to develop documents with LaTeX (via a TeXlipse plug-in) and packages for the software Mathematica. The Eclipse software development kit (SDK) includes the Java development tools and is meant for Java developers. Users can extend the abilities of Eclipse by installing plug-ins written for the Eclipse Platform, such as development toolkits for other programming languages, and can write and contribute their own plug-in modules.

Before considering this Certification Exam from StudySection, a candidate must possess in-depth knowledge of Eclipse 4.x IDE and have some working experience in this field. There will be several multiple-choice questions from intermediate to expert level of content of Eclipse 4.x IDE. Along with the topics covered in the foundation exam, this exam will also cover some topics like shortcuts, the difference between 4.x and 3.x, etc. Some questions may have two or more correct choices and in order to make your answer correct, you must select all the right options. After successfully passing this exam from StudySection, you will get an e-Certificate and a certification badge from StudySection that can be used as an enhancement to your social media profiles. Eclipse 4.x IDE Certification from StudySection will make you more competent among other candidates competing for the same job profile.

Topics to be covered in the Eclipse 4.x IDE Online Certification Exam are the following:

  • Eclipse IDE Basics
  • Juno Features
  • Kepler Features
  • Luna Features
  • Mars Features
  • Neon Features
  • Difference between 4.x & 3.x
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

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Test Time - 25 Minutes

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Passing Score - 67%

Note - This test has to be completed in a single session. A question may have multiple correct options. You have to mark all the correct options for your answer to be considered correct. You will see checkboxes instead of the radio buttons for the options in case a question has multiple correct options.
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