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StudySection launches an online Bigdata with Hadoop Fundamentals Certification Exam (Foundation) for the candidates who want to test their knowledge and skills of this field. This certification exam is suitable for beginners who have some basic knowledge of Bigdata with Apache Hadoop. Candidates planning to take this certification exam can go for it with the ease and comfort of their homes or workplaces without disturbing their daily schedule. The candidates can also retake the exam any number of times.

Big data is defined as a collection of a data set that is very complex and large. These data sets are very difficult to process and store using traditional data management tools. The theory of big data gained momentum in the early 2000s. Hadoop is an open-source software framework that is used for processing and storing large clusters of commodity hardware in a distributed manner. It is used to store all kinds of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Big Data is more like a concept for business used to express a wide volume of data sets, but Hadoop is just another technology infrastructure for analyzing, managing, and storing these vast sets of data in large quantities.

Online Bigdata with Hadoop Fundamentals Certification Exam (Foundation) is in the form of multiple-choice questions that are based on the fundamentals of this field. There might be some questions that may have more than one right option and to make your answer to be considered correct, you must select all the right answers. Successfully passing this certification exam from StudySection will make you eligible to get an e-Certificate and a certification badge that can be used on your social networking handles to reflect your expertise.

  • Big Data Concepts
  • Hadoop Concepts
  • HDFS Architecture
  • HDFS Components

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