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StudySection is an online e-Certification platform that assists you in gaining valuation E-Certifications in various subjects and Diplomas so as to boost your career prospects. Apart from e-Certification, StudySection helps its users with Career Counselling and Mock interviews to prepare for a bright career.

Several StudySection certification exams are absolutely free of cost with a free soft copy. There are premium exams and courses that are accessible after one-time admission. You get a free Test Record on passing the exam and a soft copy of your certificate. StudySection offers free Online Certification and Diploma Certificate Exams in Software Development, MS Office, Web Design, Graphic Design, English, Aptitude, Personal Development, Business, Accounting, and more.

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about StudySection.

How to remove your account from StudySection?

After logging in to your account, use edit profile option to remove your account. Below is the screenshot for reference:

How does StudySection work?

StudySection offers free certification exams in IT, English, French, Business Administration, Finance, Grade 10 exams to name a few (Click here to explore all exams). Exams are of Foundation Level (for beginners) and Advanced level (for experienced users). We also offer Diploma exams, which combine questions from several subjects into a single test. All our exams are free to attempt although some are accessible after Admission. You get the soft copy of the certificate free of cost.

Apart from e-Certification, you can try free career counselling, one to one personal career and life counselling, and Free Grade 10 career counselling.

How do I search for a StudySection Test in my subject?

Our website is responsive so you can use any computer or mobile device. We have provided a certificate search feature in the header, category wise filtering and quick search on the category page. There is also a direct link to the Diploma Certificates in the main menu. On the homepage slide we have provided tags on the slide to quickly jump to the test category of your choice. See the screenshots below:

Who creates StudySection Exam questions?

StudySection is sponsored by Webner. Webner is a software development company and in existence for 10+ years. Webner team has tremendous experience in IT, Business, Finance, HR, English to name a few. Questions are created and edited by Webner team members. Our platform lets you report a question if you see a mistake in it and we get the notification of the same. Our team looks at the reported issues and resolves them.

What do I get on passing the test?

Once you pass a StudySection test, you get a free Test Record, which you can keep for your record. You can also share your success on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and Twitter. You have the option of making a nominal payment and getting a soft copy of your certificate. A lot of certificates are free as well. You also get a free Badge along with your certificate. You can download the badge image and paste it on your resume to highlight your success. Our certificates are reasonably priced so as to keep them at a low cost for you.

What does Global Rank mean?

Once you pass a StudySection test, you also see a Global Rank in your test result. Your Global rank tells you your position, according to marks secured by you, among all the different users who have attempted the same test globally. Global rank is not mentioned in the certificate (although we can do it on a special request)

What do Verify Certificate and Verify Badge mean?

You would like your certificate and badge issued by StudySection to be genuine and belong only to yourself. You will also like your success to be easily verifiable by another person (like your parent, teacher, colleague or a friend). Verify Certificate and Verify Badge allow you to easily pass on your unique Test Id of the certificate and your email address to the concerned person and they can verify your certificate and badge on our website easily without login.

What should I expect from the Mock Interview feature?

Mock Interview feature helps you before the crucial time when you have to appear for a job interview in real life. Before your actual interview, it can be very helpful if an expert in your field could take your interview beforehand and tell you your strengths and weaknesses, and also your chances of success at the current level. This is our aim with the Mock Interview feature on StudySection - To help you be successful in your real life interview.

What should I expect from the Personalized Counselling feature?

Personalized Counselling feature helps you to get the honest advice from an expert from our team about your career choice questions, Job search questions, or any other guidance you need in your life. StudySection provides Personalized Career Counselling for Students, Working and Non-working People of any age group who need assessment of their circumstances, qualification, interest and other factors to suggest the best possible next step for them. You can opt for any of the following:

Whom should I contact if I have more questions?

We hope this page helps you to get the answer you are looking for. Feel free to write to us at our email id for any other questions.

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