Study Section Certificates - FAQ

Q1 - Who can do certificates from Study Section?

A - Anyone. Our certificates are for all age groups and irrespective of where you live. If you see a subject that you would like to certify for, it does not matter if you are a student, working professional or a retired person. You can take the test and get your certificate.

Q2 - Study Section provides certificates exams in which subjects?

A - We have certificate exams on IT subjects, English, Mathematics, Accounts, Management and so on.

Q3 - How much is the fee to appear for a certificate test?

A - There is no fee. All our tests are free of cost. You can take any test any number of times. Similarly you can take test on any subject.

Q4 - Who prepares certificate questions?

A - Our staff consists of software architects, engineers, educationists, content writers, QA engineers and HR professionals. Our certificate questions are prepared by experts in the subject.

Q5 - What if I 'Fail' in a test?

A - You can attempt the test again. You can take any test any number of times.

Q6 - Do I get a certificate if I pass?

A - Yes. You have the choice of getting the e-certificate d. Our certificates are signed by our Examination Co-ordinator.

Q7 - What will be the advantage to me if I get certified by Study Section?

A - Being certified by Study Section will give you many benefits, most common are:

  • Certified Students get preference over others during selection process for a job. If you are certified on a subject, it gives you an edge over another candidate who is not certified.
  • If you are into management, sales, accounts, teaching or any profession in which you work with computers, certificates in common subjects like Computer Fundamentals, English and Project Management will add weight to your profile. This can certainly be an asset for you in your career.
  • Above all (and this applies to everyone) you gain more knowledge, which is a big advantage in itself.

Q8 - What if I do not see the subject I want to certify in?

A - Write to us at and we will definitely consider adding a test for the subject.

Q9 - I am facing a technical problem using the website, what should I do?

A - We will appreciate if you write to us at with details of the issue. We are constantly improving the site to give you good browsing experience. We will certainly look into the problem and fix it as soon as we can.

Q10 - I want to escalate an issue?

A - You can write an email to to escalate a bug or an issue with